Are You Ready To Find The YOU You Were Before All That Other Shit Happened?
Yup! That's Right
And I'm not telling you that because I think it's what you want to hear...

I'm telling you that, because transformation is simply KNOWING you're already perfect!

That's how fast change is. By accepting that fact... and living from that place.

Problem is, somewhere along the way... 

you started believing that you are your problems (because we're taught that, right?)...

stuff happened (whether created by you or someone/something else)... 

and you took on this 'stuff' which made you create a 'shield of protection' - 
which then had you running around trying to maintain it... 

based on the false belief you were broken.

Can you see how crazy & pointless that is?!
So I set you FREE of the 'stuff'...
so YOU can come back to YOU...
and BE in the beauty of what you are!
And always have been :)
Through my courses, teaching & trips, I give you cutting edge techniques to heal & set yourself free!

Based on 12 years of studying Neuro Linguistic Programming, Emotional Freedom Technique, Happiness & Success Psychology, Law of Attraction, Quantum Physics, Mindfulness/Meditation & A Course In Miracles... 

as well as going through my own issues with alcohol, anxiety, attachments, self doubt, emotional eating, 
depression, chaos, drama, creativity blocks... and a mind that'd never shut up!

Because the latter (my issues), kicked off the former (my studies).

Every time something wasn't working in my life... 

where I was screwing myself & copping the consequences of that...

I'd pull out a book, take up a course, go to a seminar...

and study, practice & immerse my way out of it.
But It Wasn't Until 3 years Ago When 
I REALLY Hit Rock Bottom... 
That I Realised I Was Missing A Key Piece Of Information...
I came back from 2 years in Central America and hit a wall. I had crippling anxiety, was flat broke, drinking heavily, had some dating disasters, my business was failing & I was lonely as hell!

During this I was using Emotional Freedom Technique, journalling and doing everything I could to get out of it...

but I was stuck in the 'learning & growth zone'.

I was doing 'the things' & would feel better for a bit. But then fall back into the same anxiety week after week.

And sure, I was healing a lot... but I was still spinning my wheels and not moving forward... because I was on a mousewheel of always having something I needed to 'fix' in myself.
Wanna Know Why? 
Because I Was Still Identifying
My Struggles As ME! 
I was literally ADDICTED to misery, overthinking and the need to 'solve my problems'... because I still held the belief that I was 'broken' & therefore needed 'fixing' (there's no such thing).

So last year, between my retreats in Bali I studied Attachment theory & the Art of Letting Go. 

I also got hooked on the book & study of 
A Course In Miracles. 

Which flies in the face of modern 'mental health' methods... because it shows you that your problems are all illusions & therefore don't need fixing... because what is there to fix? Other than a bunch of words strung together in a thought?

And when you 'get this' at the core level, it'll set you FREE mentally, physically & emotionally.

So from this sense of knowing & being, I quit drinking, have NO anxiety, am happy every day, easily eat a plant-based diet & minimal junk and look better at 43 than I did at 37.
This Is GREAT News For YOU!
Because I've done the studies, work & experiencing to save you a mountain of pain, 
years of searching and thousands in spending... 

to find peace, joy & success in your life.
And Because I Want You To Experience This For Yourself,
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Here's What Else I Do...
I run regular online programs as well as have a year long group program called, The BEST 12 Months Of Your Life! Also Manifesting Inner Game, Overthunk, Forgiveness Zen Master & loads more!
Work With Me
I do Tailored Packages to free you of emotional, mental & physical baggage so you create a life beyond your wildest dreams.
Tours & Retreats
Take a trip to release it all in Costa Rica, Bali, Mexico or Australia for a complete life transformation... to the backdrop of exotic scenery, luxury homes, gourmet food & mindblowing workshops. You won't go home the same person!
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